Hong Shao Rou (红烧肉)

Serves: 2

Time: 1.5 hour

• 1kg Pork Belly (Cut into 2cm cubes)

• 3x tbs Brown Sugar

• 1x tbs Dark Soy

• 2x tbs Light Soy

• 1x tbs Chinese Vinegar

• Good chug of Oil

• A bunch of Spring Onions

• Finger width chunk of Ginger peeled and sliced

• Half cup of Shaoxing wine

• 2 pieces of Star Anise

• Sprinkle of Five Spice

• Some water on the side

Step 1: Bring a litre of water to boil. Add spring onions halves into the pot along with slices of ginger and the Chinese rice wine. Add pork and low simmer for 20mins

Step 2: Remove the pork, ginger and spring onions from the pot into a wok or deep pan with some oil. Fry until the meat is caramelized then place on some paper towel.

Step 3: Heat up the sugar until it melts and add two cups of water into the pan as well at the vinegar, light soy and dark soy.

Step 4: Add the meat, spring onions and ginger back into the pan and then add the five spice and star anise

Step 5: Cover and check every now and then to stir. If the sauce reduces too quickly, add some more water. After about 30mins uncover and cook without a cover for about 10mins until the sauce turns sticky.

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