Pho Bo

Serves: 4

Time: 8 hours

For the broth:

• 2x pieces of oxtail

• 2x pieces of beef bones with some meat still attached

• 1x 500g piece of beef flank or beef brisket

• 1x piece of thumb size piece of ginger cut in half

• 4x pieces of start anise

• 2x pieces of cassia bark

• 1x tbs of white sugar

• 4x cloves

• 1x tbs of fish sauce (or more to taste)

• 2x onions (peeled and one cut in half)

• Salt

For serving:

• Sirloin steak, sliced very thinly

• Rice noodles

• Blanched bean sprouts

• Chopped spring onions

• Chopped coriander

• Thai Basil

• Blanched sliced onions

• Chopped chillies

• Lime

• Hoisin sauce and Sriracha sauce

Step 1: Fill a stock pot with water and add the oxtail bones and beef bones. Bring to boil and leave for a few minutes so all the scum comes to the top. Pour out the water and wash the bones and pot.

Step 2: Refill your stock pot with water, oxtail bones, beef bones and bring back to boil. While that is coming up to boil, char the onion halves, star anise, cloves, ginger cassia bark under the grill or on top of your stove to get some browning. Place smaller items into a tea bag and add it to the stock pot.

Step 3: Add the beef flank or beef brisket, peeled onion, 1x tbs of sugar and 1x tbs salt. Let that simmer for up to 2 hours or until your beef flank or beef brisket is tender. Make sure you keep skimming the top to keep the broth clear.

Step 4: Remove the beef flank or beef brisket and place aside.

Step 7: Leave on low heat for at least 5hrs, up to overnight. Top up with more boiling water if needed. Add 1x tbs fish sauce or more if needed.

Step 8: Construct your pho by starting with the noodles then adding the garnishes, finishing with the sliced pieces of remaining rare rump steak and sliced beef brisket. Add the broth on top and serve with hoisin and chilli sauce.

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