Makes: 4 servings

Time: 2hrs

For the base (this makes enough so you can freeze half of it):

• 1x tbs of shrimp paste

• 1 cup dried shrimps soaked in water

• 1x bulb of peeled garlic

• 1 onion loosely chopped

• Index finger length of ginger (peeled and loosely chopped)

• Index finger of galangal (peeled and loosely chopped)

• 1x tbs turmeric

• 1x tbs ground coriander

• 1x tbs peanut oil

• 1/2 cup of lemongrass (loosely chopped)

• 3x fresh chillies (loosely chopped)

• Half a dozen dried chillies

• Handful of cashews

For the soup:

• A dozen large tiger prawns (de-shelled and de-veined, reserve heads and shells for stock)

• 1x can of 400ml coconut milk

• 2L water

To assemble the dish:

• Vermicelli noodles and egg noodles

• The prawns from the soup stock (cooked)

• Fried tofu puffs (cut in half)

• Bean sprouts (blanched)

• Chopped coriander

• Sambal

• Boiled egg cut in half

• Fish cakes sliced into bit sized pieces

• Fried onions and sliced spring onions for garnish

Step 1: Boil 2L water and add the prawn heads and shells into it. Turn heat to low and simmer for around 30mins. Set aside.

Step 2: Put all the paste ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth.

Step 3: Prepare all the dish ingredients. Cook noodles as per packet instructions, cook prawns, blanch bean sprouts and boil eggs.

Step 4: Fry half the laksa paste (you can put the other half in the freezer) in some cooking oil and make sure you continuously stir so it doesn't stick to pan.

Step 5: Once the paste smells fragrant add in strained prawn stock. Bring to a simmer then add coconut milk.

Step 6: Strain the soup and put back on the stove over low heat and place in the tofu puffs and fish cakes in. Cook for a further minute.

Step 6: Assemble your bowl. Start with the noodles then add bean sprouts, prawns, egg and chopped coriander. Pour the soup over everything with fish cakes and tofu puffs and garnish with fried onions and spring onions. Add a dollop of sambal on the top to finish.

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