Ginger and Spring Onion Crab

Serves: 2

Time: 30mins

If you know me, you know I LOVE crab. I've loved crab for as long as I can remember and this is by far my favourite crab dish. If you haven't grown up eating crab straight out of the shell, I think it's a little bit of a shock and at times can be a little bit of a struggle to eat. I have memories of my young self not being able to eat crab and my parents would pull the meat out for me and put it in my bowl. My advice for that is just to keep going at it, eventually it will become second nature. For me there's nothing more delicious than sucking the juicy, tender meat from a crab claw. My mouth is salivating just typing about it!

• 1x mud crab that's about 1kg

• Corn starch/Tapioca Starch/Potato Starch or just Plain flour depending on what you have

• Finger length of ginger, peeled and sliced

• A bunch of spring onions (divided into stalks and green parts)

• 1x tbs Shaoxing wine

• 1x tbs oyster sauce

• 1/2x tsp sugar

• 2x tsp light soy sauce

• Pinch of white pepper

• Cooking oil for frying

Step 1: Prepare your crab by rinsing it and pat it dry. Remove is the outer shell/crown. Then you want to remove the stomach and remove the gills. Give it another wash and then cut the whole crab in half. Cut the crab in half again so you have 4 parts and a shell. Remove the claws and give everything a quick hit with the back of your knife so that it's easier to eat later.

Step 2: Coat each piece of crab in the starch/flour.

Step 3: Heat up a cup of cooking oil in a wok or deep pan. Fry up the pieces of until the shells turn orange and remove from heat and place onto paper towel.

Step 4: Discard the oil and wipe the wok/pan down and heat up a tbs of cooking oil. Saute the ginger and the spring onion stalks until fragrant.

Step 5: Add the crab back into the wok/pan and stir thoroughly before adding the Shaoxing wine. Let the wine reduce and then add the soy sauce and oyster sauce, white pepper and sugar. Mix throughly and then serve immediately.

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