Serves: 4

Time: 45mins

Feel free to use whatever protein you like in here.

I usually use what I have leftover mixed with some prawns.

Video here.

• 100g fresh prawns

• 100g minced pork or chicken

• 1x tbs soy sauce

• 1x tsp sesame oil

• Dash of white pepper

• 1x tbs white sugar

• Wonton wrappers

• Small dish of water for sealing the wontons

• 2L water

• 1x tbs of Wakame

• 1/2x tbs dried shrimp (the small kind)

• 1x tsp soy sauce

• 1x tsp boullion powder

• Pinch of salt

• Handful of chopped spring onions

• Baby pak choi divided in halves

• 1/2x tsp sesame oil

Step 1: Use a sharp knife to dice your prawns into a chunky paste

Step 2: Combine the prawns with the minced meat as well as the soy sauce, sesame oil, white pepper and sugar. Mix thoroughly until it's sticky.

Step 3: Place a teaspoon of filling into the centre of the wonton wrapper. Use a little water to wet the edges with your fingertip and squeeze it shut.

Step 4: Bring the water to boil when you have made all your wontons.

Step 5: Add the wakame, dried shrimp, soy sauce, bouillon powder and pinch of salt into the pot of boiling water.

Step 6: Add in your wontons and cook for a few minutes.

Step 7: Add in the baby pak choi, spring onions and sesame oil. Let that cook for a few more minutes until pak choi is cooked through.

Serve with some chilli oil.

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