Easy Fried Rice

Time: 30mins

• Day old rice

• 2x eggs beaten with salt and white pepper

• 1x cup of chopped spring onions

• 1/2 cup of peas

• 1/2 cup of corn

• 1x cup of your chosen protein

(e.g. prawns, lap cheong, ham, char shiu pork)

• 1x tbs soy sauce

• Salt and ground white pepper to taste

• Cooking oil

• Any extra vegetables you like but ensure they are diced small so it cooks quickly (I usually use whatever is leftover in my fridge e.g. bean sprouts, carrots, capsicum)

Step 1: Cook your egg first like a well done omelette with some cooking oil. Remove from pan and chop into small pieces.

Step 2: Add a tablespoon more cooking oil into the pan and stir fry the spring onions until fragrant. Add in your protein (if you're using prawns, ensure they are cooked through before you continue).

Step 3: Add in your chosen vegetables along until cooked and then add the peas and corn.

Step 4: Stir in your rice and egg. Add the soy sauce.

Step 5: Mix everything well. Add salt and white pepper to taste.

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