Siu yuk

You'll need 24hrs to let the meat dry out. 

Preparation time: 30mins

Cooking time: 1hr 20mins

Serves: 4

• 1.5kg pork belly

• 1x tsp of Chinese five spice

• 1x tsp fine salt

• 1x tsp white pepper

• 1x tsp Chinese rice wine

• 1x white vinegar

• 1/2 cup sea salt

Step 1: Bring a pot of water to boil, place the pork belly in and let it sit in the boiling water for a few minutes before taking it out. This will soften the skin and remove any gunk on the meat


Step 2: Rub the Chinese rice wine on the meat side of the pork belly (without getting any on the skin)


Step 3: Rub the Chinese five spice, fine salt and white pepper on the meat (without getting any on the skin)


Step 4: Place pork belly onto a plate skin side facing up and pat the skin dry



Step 5: Using a fork or something else sharp, keep puncturing the skin until every bit of the skin has tiny holes in it.


Step 7: Place uncovered in the fridge for 24hrs


Step 8: Pre-heat your oven to 180º


Step 9: Using foil, make a little tray for your pork belly and cover the skin with sea salt. Put it in the oven and bake for 50mins 


Step 10: Remove the pork belly from the oven. Take off the salt and the foil tray and put the pork belly on a wired rack with a drip tray


Step: 11: Increase the oven's temperature to 210º and return the pork belly to the oven for 30mins (or until the skin is bubbly and crispy).


Cut, serve and enjoy! 















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